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Secure Elections 


transparent, trackable, verifiable

Safeguarding election integrity requires active participation. WEiCU works to arm the public with information about voting rights and threats on a state by state basis. This includes each state’s current process, potential loopholes, latest changes and ongoing news.

Local elections are less likely to be tampered and where we need to focus our attention to ensure accurate vote counts.








Dear WA Registered Voter: Thank you for standing up and demanding our state legislators address these election integrity issues! Between insecure tabulating machines, deficient chain of custody, dirty voter rolls, and officials who refuse to acknowledge there is a problem, the time is NOW to let them know we are not going away until our elections are TRANSPARENT, SECURE AND PUBLICLY VERIFIABLE!

The following link will help you find your representatives contact information.

Once you copy, paste and send the letter please let us know so we can keep track of how many WA voters have contacted their legislators about election reform. 

WA Constituent Demand for Election Reform

Dear Washington State Legislator,

I, ___________________, am a registered voter and constituent currently residing in ________________ County.  I am writing to you today with deep concern over the lack of election integrity in our Washington State electoral system.  The following critical concerns have been brought to my attention, and I would like to make sure they are brought to your attention as well so that you may represent my constitutional right to suffrage per Article 1 Sec. 19 in the WA State Constitution. 

I.  Accurate Vote and Ballot Tabulation

A. We in WA State currently use either ES&S, Hart, Clear Ballot or Dominion ballot tabulators that have a known “weighted race feature” which can be used to alter election results, undetected. It is said by experts that these tabulators do not count votes, but rather “calculate results” which is not the same. It has also been established that as long as these “tabulators” have a USB port, they are not secure; thus rendering the relied upon assumption of an “air gap security” moot. 

Expert programmer and Election Commissioner who discovered this feature gives a demonstration of how it works in real time.

B. Since this “weighted race feature” exists, there is a probability that it could have been used in the 11/3/2020 General Election, and because of this possibility, I, as a registered voter and American citizen, have the right to demand a random audit of ballot images and a forensic audit of tabulating machines to determine if the evidence exists which is consistent with this feature. 

C. I, as your constituent, demand legislation be brought in the next session that eliminates these tabulating machines from our electoral process, and in their place that hand-counted paper ballots will be used which will be counted at the precinct level with citizen oversight in full public view by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).  

D. Additionally, known security breaches occurred in one or more state agencies during the 2020 General Election, resulting in a ransomware attack within Lincoln County, and yet Lincoln County certified their election results. Expert testimony given in regard to known vulnerabilities inherent in our election system stated that due to security breaches such as these, there is no way to know if our election was free from interference, without subpoenaing ballot images and ordering a forensic audit of randomly chosen tabulating machines.

II.  Sacred Ballots To Be Handled As Critical Infrastructure

2A. I do not consent to having my sacred ballot handled without a proper chain of custody.  If evidence in a court of law is not admissible without an unbroken chain of custody, then our ballots should not be admissible in any election without the same unbroken chain of custody.  

2B. I do not consent to mail-in or drop-box voting as a secure means to transfer my ballot to any County Election Department office.  I, as your constituent, demand that our elections be treated as critical infrastructure.  Therefore, I demand that our government bring back in-person voting booths, where I may privately and confidentially cast my vote on a paper ballot, after showing my non-electronic, picture identification card which verifies that I am a true, native-born or naturalized citizen with the right to vote.  I demand that all voters in my state must physically show accurate and securely-held identification pieces to living, human, physical poll-workers on Election Day; thus, I may have the confidence my ballot will be counted as cast, publicly, and that it will be guarded over by an unbroken, multi-partisan, transparent chain of custody, until We the People verify that all ballots were counted exactly as cast, accurately, and fairly, in any given election.

I ask you to review these things and execute them on my behalf as my Representative.   I ask these things without any other concern except to restore transparency, security, and publicly verifiable elections to our State of Washington. Until, these changes are made, We the People, your constituents. will not have confidence in our electoral system. 






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Washington Election Integrity Coalition United

Washington Election Integrity Coalition United WEiCU pronounced (We See You) is a WA non profit comprised of election integrity investigators, data analytic specialists and cyber security experts. We are proud to join forces with Election Justice USA, Reach Out NW, Contract with WA in our joint commitment to restoring transparent, secure and verifiable elections. Though we have recently united in this common cause we have a combined experience of over fifty years.

Bennie Smith is the programmer who (with election integrity icon Bev Harris ) discovered Fraction Magic, now referred to as Scorecard.

Tamborine Borrelli of WEiCU talks to Bennie about cyber security issues in WA state pertaining to 3 seperate incidences within the 11/3/2020 general election. Among these breaches was a ransomware attack on Lincoln County. Bennie discusses how that could have opened a door to an unsecure election that he , as a siitting election commissioner would not have certified.

Bennie demonstrates how fraction magic (scorecard) works in real time and more importantly how an election could be taken in 5 seconds flat….undetected. He also addresses the “Air Gap Myth” which most election officials have as a false sense of election security.

John Roberts Brakey is an election investigator full time for the last 16 years. Brakey is the Director and co-founder of AUDIT AZ (Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections), which 4 years ago expanded to become AUDIT-USA.

Brakey and AUDIT-USA have played a significant role in making Arizona elections more secure through advocacy and numerous litigations. Four years ago we took what we learned on the road to other states. Election transparency and public oversight are the goals that drive John to travel all over the country, speaking and educating people about the dangers in our current election system and what members of the community can do about it.

Here is a template for WA Voters to demand a forensic audit and to subpeona ballot images for select counties where there were concerns of election transparency, security and verifiability.

In addition it is a demand for new legislation to and the era of mail in/dropbox voting and bring back personal voting booths along with hand counted paper ballots counted at the precinct level.

Bennie demonstrates how fraction magic (scorecard) works in real time and more importantly how an election could be taken in 5 seconds flat….undetected. He also addresses the “Air Gap Myth” which most election officials have as a false sense of election security.

Hacking the Vote

Michelle Malkin investigates the history of systems used to calculate results from November’s big race, and presents claims that suggest the winners and losers might have been influenced by outside parties. 

Contract With Washington

Tamborine Borrelli from WEICU joins us to give an update for Monday Nov 9th. Drop your questions in the comments below and join us in this fight at

Black Box Voting

See this short documentary by Bev Harris on Fraction Magic and How easy voter fraud actually is. This has been happening for many years.

Def Con 12 – Bev Harris

Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D., Hack the Vote: Election 2004 In the rush to solve problems that emerged from Florida’s Presidential election dispute in 2000.

Strategic Planning, Execution Playbook & Boots on the ground

We have an A list team that has gathered a multi-tiered body of evidence that addresses many of the recent voter and election fraud issues that have plagued our country in recent years. One arm of our team takes a strategic and pragmatic approach, putting to work the hundreds of volunteers we have to go door to door helping to clean our states unkept voter rolls. The other arm of our organization is trained and specialized in identifying red flags consistent with voter fraud and analyzing data that points to election fraud. Both arms work in conjunction with whistleblower testimony that brings the whole picture together.

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We are distributing templates and collecting signed affidavits to use in any of our upcoming lawsuits. If you have a personal experience please download the affadavits template signed and notarized. If you have question please email us at

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