John Roberts Brakey has been a full-time election investigator for the last 16 years. Brakey is the Director and co-founder of AUDIT AZ (Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections), which 4 years ago expanded to become AUDIT-USA. Mr. Brakey is currently onsite working on the Maricopa County Audit.

Brakey and AUDIT-USA have played a significant role in making Arizona elections more secure through advocacy and numerous litigation. Four years ago he took what he learned on the road to other states. Election transparency and public oversight are the goals that drive John to travel all over the country, speaking and educating people about the dangers in our current election system and what members of the community can do about it.

In this video Brakey demonstrates how voters can demand a forensic audit and to subpeona ballot images for select counties where there were concerns of election transparency, security and verifiability.

In addition, it is a demand for new legislation to end the era of mail-in/drop-box voting and bring back personal voting booths along with hand counted paper ballots counted at the precinct level.