Writ of Mandamus Filed Against Governor Jay Inslee

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

WEiCU filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Washington State Supreme Court against respondent Governor Jay Inslee on October 4, 2021.

The writ seeks to force Governor Inslee to perform his constitutionally mandated tasks as it relates to elections. Under the Constitution, all qualified electors must be citizens of the United States. The writ charges that Governor Inslee abdicated his duties by:

  • Actively registering voters who are not United States citizens
  • Instruction employees within the Department of Licensing to not ask whether a person registering to vote is a United States citizen
  • Providing voter registration forms with the United States citizenship designation pre-populated or fille-in
  • Instructing Department of Licensing employees to not ask questions about or verify legality of voter registrations
  • Instructing Department of Licensing employees to pressure applicants into registering to vote even if applicants disclose they are not United States citizens
  • Subjecting Department of Licensing employees to discipline if they inquire as to the legality of a voter registration as it relates to citizenship of the applicant

The writ asks the Attorney General to cease and desist from further such violations, that members of the Inslee administration be enjoined from further violations, that the administration be required to verify citizenship of each registered voter, and for an award of attorney’s fees and costs.

Read the full Writ of Mandamus here.


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