SB 5636 Automatic Voter Registration January 31, 2022

Director of WEiCU Tamborine Borrelli gives her testimony opposing SB 5636 on Automatic Voter Registration at 43:13.

We felt it notable to mention that the manor in which this hearing was conducted was blatantly bias in favor of the sponsors of this bill and those that support yet another way for our elections to be compromised. They skipped 17 testifiers who signed up in opposition to this bill until they reached the first PRO testifier and tried to find whoever they could to represent as PRO to make it seem that there was an equal showing of those in favor of the bill as there was in opposition. The first and second page of those who commented on the bill were mostly PRO, followed by 30 pages of mostly CON. After they let a few testify in opposition, they said that most of the people who had signed up didn’t mean to testify and those they called into the que (one of our plaintiffs in our election lawsuits) were not going to be able to testify sighting technical difficulties. They quickly moved on to the next bill which miraculously had no technical issues.

Here is the written text of our testimony in full length.

Although voter registration in and of itself is a valuable tool to exercise our right to vote, to make it automatic takes away a citizens right to choose and puts an unnecessary responsibility on them to have to un register. In addition to this inconvenience it opens up yet another way for our already unclean voter rolls to be littered with non voters whose registration can then be utilized by bad actors to create fraudulent ballots. The DOL already is in violation of Article 6 SEC 1 of our states constitution by having the box that assumes citizenship pre-checked. We have a signed affidavit of a retired DOL employee to attest to the aggressive tactic of registering non citizens.

This has resulted in tens of thousands of non citizens being automatically registered who weren’t interested in registering much less voting, yet they are receiving anywhere from 1 to 9 ballots each. We believe non citizens are being exploited by bad actors and we know this because there have been accepted ballots in their names. Automatic registration will cause an existing problem to magnify into an unchecked free for all that puts unsuspecting citizens and non citizens alike at risk of having their unsolicited registration used for fraudulent purposes against their will and without their knowledge or consent. In closing, There is no valid reason to believe an adult cannot register to vote if they intend on utilizing their right to do so. Anyone not intending to do so should be protected from having their information used for fraudulent purposes.