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    Sounds like the level or degree of proof that’s being required is too high. Isn’t the purpose of appealing to courts to get access to election records to find the proof?

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      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for reaching out. Your observations are accurate. This is one of the reasons we are and will be relentless in our pursuit of truth.
      Your Friends at WEiCU

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      Yes it is. However in our case, we have plenty of proof that establishes that there is a reason to believe that we do not have transparent, secure or publicly verified elections in WA State. We believe its because our existing evidence is undeniable that they are committed to not ‘allowing’ us to present our evidence in court lest it becomes validated and therefore ‘proven’ as a matter of fact. We will not be deterred no matter what transpires in the courts as that is only phase one of our agenda to take back our elections.

  2. Linda L. Olsen


    You and your organization are a waste of the court’s time and a waste of my tax dollars. Just my opinion.

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      The beauty of living in the USA is that we are free to express our opinions and you are absolutely entitled to yours. We are of the opinion that tax dollars are wasted on an electoral system that is neither transparent, secure or publicly verified. Our work is to change that.

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      It would be interesting for some of us to know how and why you have arrived at your conclusion. You oppose transparent, secure and publicly verified elections in Washington? Could you be more specific?

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        Hi Linda,
        Please clarify as to what conclusion you are referring to. I believe you misunderstood our statement when we said, “We are of the opinion that tax dollars are wasted on an electoral system that is neither transparent, secure or publicly verified. Our work is to change that.”

        We do not OPPOSE transparent, secure and publicly verified elections. In response to your comment that you thought our lawsuit was a waste of tax payers money, our comment conveyed that tax payers are paying for an electoral system that is not transparent, secure or publicly verified which we think is the real waste of tax payers money and also believe if most people knew the truth they would feel the same.

        A transparent, secure and publicly verified system would look like this:

        1. In person voting where the voter would show their ID and they would be found on the poll book. Now we have a system where anyone that has your name and DOB can access your registration and print your ballot. If that ballot is accepted before you get a chance to vote, guess which one counts and which one will be rejected? Yours would be rejected and you would never know that when you logged into your VOTE WA registration, the ballot that shows ACCEPTED was NOT EVEN YOURS!

        2. Your vote would be counted at the precinct level with full citizen oversight, CCTV with meaningful and clear views. Most importantly, there would be an unbroken chain of custody which is to publicly verify each legal vote was counted as cast. In a court of law, when evidence loses chain of custody, it becomes inadmissible. Now, we have mail in voting that has zero chain of custody. Ask yourself if you would feel uncomfortable sending $500 in the mail to yourself. Most wouldn’t do it because they know something could happen to it, and inevitably it does. Voting should be done in person so you can see your vote cast, now you pop your ballot in a box and hope for the best. Voting in person takes the uncertainty out of the equation as the chain of custody makes it so all eyes are on the ballots at all times, especially as they are counted. The night of the election not 21 days later. The Governors race received over 750,000 ballots after November 3rd. The whole state count rose just over 300,000. Those numbers are suspicious.

        3. When numbers are suspicious, We the People who have ‘elected’ these auditors to run OUR elections, have the right to Audit OUR elections. Now, we have to fight them in court so we can publicly verify any ‘irregularities’. If you go to our video section you can watch one particular instance of vote flipping. One for 6,614 from a third party candidate to Biden and ten other instances where 37,000 ballots were ‘moved around’. Just to be clear, this is not us saying this. We are showing you the data from Edison Election Night Reporting and the data from the Secretary of State.

        4. Article 6 SEC 1 states the Qualifications of a Voter. You have to be a citizen. DOL prechecks the box for citizenship which results in tens of thousands of non qualified registrations that are either being voted by non citizens or bad actors who have their name and DOB, printing out phantom ballots in their name. There were over 386,000 registrations at the DOL from August 2020 to November 2020. A retired DOL employee has testified that not only is that irregular but that the administration pressures the employees to register non citizens and in some cases to pressure the non citizens to register even if they don’t want to. We have the record of multiple counties and how many non citizens are registered as well as the names of those who have had a ballot cast in their name. These are amounts that can swing an election. Just in King County there are over 34,000 registered non citizens. We believe they are being exploited for nefarious purposes.

        5. Although the ESD fleecing was widely reported, few knew of the ransomware attack that Lincoln County endured during the certification in November 2020. In Sept of 2020 there was a massive security breach to four state agencies. The DOR, DSHS, DCYF and WA Tech. WA Tech is the agency responsible for our election cyber security and they were hacked. Unlike the ESD hack that took millions of dollars, there is something much more valuable than money that was extracted from these state agencies. The one thing that all of these agencies have in common is that they all hold voter identifying information, i.e name, address, DOB and signature. With that information, as I mentioned earlier, any bad actor would have no problem accessing our VOTE WA system and printing out a ballot. Our election security has as many holes as Swiss cheese. Our 2020 election was so compromised that the Sec. of State pushed through the emergency bill of HB 1068 that made the evidence of just HOW bad it was, be EXEMPT from public disclosure. The excuse was that it was to protect the vulnerabilities from getting in the hands of bad actors when it was actually to hide the truth from the voters, that our electoral system IS NOT SECURE and by hiding that fact shows it is neither TRANSPARENT. Bad Actor HAckers do not need to assess our vulnerabilities from public statements. They’re HACKERS. They KNOW our vulnerabilities because they can and DID breach them!

        6. Then there is the feature in the proprietary tabulators that ‘calculate’ the ballots. This feature allows for a weighted race and was created for specific type of elections where for instance a farmer that had more land would have more of a percentage to his vote. This is more explained in the video of Benny Smith. This weighted race feature allows for one election official with either a usb drive or now remotely can program the percentages that each candidate will get. Please see our video with Benny Smith the Software engineer and Elections Commissioner in Shelby County Tenn. who discovered this feature and called it ‘Fraction Magic’ because it fractionalizes votes in decimals so a candidate would get either .5 of each ballot or 1.5 resulting in a manipulated count.

        We hope this clarifies things as to what are just a handful of examples showing a bright light on what transparent, secure and publicly verified elections would look like. The unfortunate fact that what we have now is NOT THAT. No matter what a persons political views are, as Americans we should be able to agree on THIS ONE THING. Without it, we have only an illusion of a Democratic Republic and will continue to be ruled by those who get away with what we allow.

  3. John A Wing


    So let’s just say, the plaintiff has 1 million unadjudicated lawsuits in the State of Washington. What does this subjective data have to do with this single particular filing? Widespread fraud? Frivolous cases? This judge sounds about as phony as the background in his zoom meeting!
    A checked box and the threat of prison time is sufficient for a declaration of citizenship but the same declaration and signature on the deposition of an eyewitness is hearsay?
    Waste of taxpayer money? 100s of millions spent to set up an election system that can’t tell me who I voted for is a waste of taxpayer money!
    If I can be of help in the Eastern Washington area just hit me up! Keep up the good work!
    ~Data analysis~

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      Thank you John. We agree in regard to where the actual ‘waste’ of tax payer money is going to. We would love to connect with you in E. WA. Please email us at weicu@protonmail.com with the subject Eastern WA. We look forward to hearing from you!
      In the meantime, here is our testimony from yesterdays hearing on SB 5636 Automatic Registration. Enjoy!

      Although voter registration in and of itself is a valuable tool to exercise our right to vote, to make it automatic takes away a citizens right to choose and puts an unnecessary responsibility on them to have to un register. In addition to this inconvenience it opens up yet another way for our already unclean voter rolls to be littered with non voters whose registration can then be utilized by bad actors to create fraudulent ballots. The DOL already is in violation of Article 6 SEC 1 of our states constitution by having the box that assumes citizenship pre-checked. We have a signed affidavit of a retired DOL employee to attest to the aggressive tactic of registering non citizens.

      This has resulted in tens of thousands of non citizens being automatically registered who weren’t interested in registering much less voting, yet they are receiving anywhere from 1 to 9 ballots each. We believe non citizens are being exploited by bad actors and we know this because there have been accepted ballots in their names. Automatic registration will cause an existing problem to magnify into an unchecked free for all that puts unsuspecting citizens and non citizens alike at risk of having their unsolicited registration used for fraudulent purposes against their will and without their knowledge or consent.

      In closing, There is no valid reason to believe an adult cannot register to vote if they intend on utilizing their right to do so. Anyone not intending to do so should be protected from having their information used for fraudulent purposes.

  4. Robert Campbell


    YOU all are true Patriots, Love it. Keep up the great work you are doing!

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