An overview of the election process in Maricopa County, least how it’s supposed to work. How does Washington state stack up?

Tamborine Borrelli, Director of WEiCU presents at Rep. Robert Sutherland’s Public Hearing on Election Integrity in Snohomish County August 15th, 2021 to a full house. She gives a brief overview of the irregularities in our WA state elections and announces to a standing ovation the upcoming lawsuits being filed by WEiCU to demand a full forensic audit.

Tamborine Borrelli, Director of WEiCU gets the audience up on their feet in support of multiple lawsuits against County Auditors demanding that they conduct the business of The People for which they were elected and Audit (our) elections.
WEiCU along with a population key by Dr. Doug Frank display the WA State Predicted Ballots for each county using a single registration key for every age and it is graphed against the actual ballots received along with the County population and registrations. In many cases we see the Received Ballots and Registrations (exceed) the Population, especially in ages 70-75.
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer
Inventor of Kinematic artifact detection and Maricopa County Arizona Ballot Auditor of 2020 General Election 2.1m ballots

6,614 Votes flips from one candidate to another.
WEiCU speaks to Bennie Smith about Scorecard, security breaches and the AIR GAP MYTH. (Full length)

Bennie Smith is the programmer who (with election integrity icon Bev Harris ) discovered Fraction Magic, now referred to as Scorecard. Tamborine Borrelli of WEiCU talks to Bennie about cyber security issues in WA state pertaining to 3 seperate incidences within the 11/3/2020 general election. Among these breaches was a ransomware attack on Lincoln County. Bennie discusses how that could have opened a door to an unsecure election that he , as a siitting election commissioner would not have certified. Bennie demonstrates how fraction magic (scorecard) works in real time and more importantly how an election could be taken in 5 seconds flat….undetected. He also addresses the “Air Gap Myth” which most election officials have as a false sense of election security.