WEiCU Files Suit in 8 Counties

WEiCU Files Suit in 8 Counties to Protect Election Integrity

WEiCU along with a total of 115 qualified electors filed suit in Whatom, Clark, Snohomish, King, Thurston, Pierce, Lincoln and Franklin Counties, all of which were met with Motions to Intervene filed by the law firm Perkins Coie LLP on behalf of the DCC. Five out of eight cases have been removed to Federal Court despite being based in state law, and now face many unsubstantiated Motions to Dismiss, threatening  Plaintiffs with financial sanctions if they persist with their cases.

Specifically, the plaintiffs allege their Auditors used uncertified voting systems to not only tabulate the votes, but also, while under oath, certified the results from those systems, one while under a cyber ransomware attack. These same machines were admittedly ‘internet capable’ according to Secretary of State Wyman and King County Auditor Julie Wise. These admissions created more questions than answers when WA state election data was found on the AZ audit hard drives. 

Plaintiffs further allege their Auditors oversaw an election that involved provable vote flipping, vote additions/deletions on a mass scale. These allegations and more are supported by numerous affidavits including inside informants and other hard evidence collated by lead plaintiff WEiCU. Auditors are also tracking party preference either through their registrations or ballots, contrary to RCW 29A.08.166, which prohibits party affiliation upon registering to vote.

WEiCU Director, Tamborine Borrelli says, “with every attempt to block the people from verifying if they indeed have transparent, secure and publicly verified elections, the Defendants prove the Plaintiffs’ case, that they do not.”

To view the filings, check out our the Files section of our site here.


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