Action Needed!!

WEiCU and Dr. Douglas G. Frank, Internationally known Physicist as seen on Mike Lindell’s “SCIENTIFIC PROOF” have collaborated in compiling a data set of compelling evidence that our 2020 election was tampered with! 

We brought Dr. Frank to Western Washington to show Washingtonians exactly how the algorithms that he discovered were used to manipulate our elections. You will see how the votes cast, in each age category, match to the 2010 census, not in one county, but in each and every county.

The Verify the Vote WA events are a way for you to get involved and help take back our state by helping us verify the anamolies we have found by ‘Following the Data’. Most people tell us that they know somethings wrong with our election system but feel powerless because they don’t know how to help change it. This is your chance to first, get informed, and then share your new found knowledge with your friends and neighbors while you VERIFY THE VOTE from the 2020 election! 

We are currently building teams in various counties to be our boots on the ground. Once you sign up to be on a team closest to you, we will then train you to go out and share the message to others in your local area by canvassing to targeted homes, in groups of at least two.

Are you an experienced canvasser? Register as a Team Lead! Never canvassed before? No problem! We’ve got you covered! We are looking for team leads that will organize their assigned teams during the event and be the point of contact for the team. 

Dr. Frank gives a brief introduction to show just how important this is for our state.


WE are the ones that can ensure ELECTION INTEGRITY is restored in WA State!!

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